These products are available for licencing, or for downloading and immediate use.

Generalized Tables Editor
(OS/390 and z/OS, source not provided) This is a set of ISPF panels, skeleton and a program which together make up an extensible system for the creation of table-based ISPF applications using VSAM files for data storage, and ISPF tables for manipulation. Applications based on this can be put in place very quickly with a minimum of actual programming. The approach provides a simple mechanism for implementing table-based applications for groups of 1-50 users. Here is some documentation describing this product. Example applications include test data management, work stack management, problem tracking management.
Indexing Facility
(OS/390, source not provided) This product indexes source. Endevor naming conventions are followed, making it easy to integrate the tool into an Endevor environment, It provides facilities for searching large source bases very quickly, using VSAM files for the storage of the cross-reference information.See here for information on this product.
Forerunner Product
(OS/390 and Windows-32, source not provided) This is a complex macro-processing program which handles text macros for a variety of purposes. It can be used to pass parameters from the PARM of a program run as part of a procedure to a file to be used in subsequent step(s) for SYSIN or utility control. It can also be used to provide uniform definitions of objects being passed to a variety of languages or control structures (CICS, IMS, Endevor processor group definitions). The macro facility allows complex conditional, or looping, structures if desired. Forerunner is fast and efficient, and is suitable as a preprocessor for many languages as the parser can be set up appropriately as required. See here for the documentation for this product.
Compile and Link Procedure library
(OS/390, source provided) This is a set of PROCs, together with some small utility programs (also available free), and associated documentation, to facilitate compile and link of OS/390 programs written in C, Assembler, COBOL and PL/1. The procedures also include facilities for DBDGENs, PSBGENs and SCRIPT processing. Documentation for this set of PROCs is included (Microsoft WORD format). Down load this product as a ZIP file by clicking here.
Internet and utility support routines
A collection of utilities for creating and managing symbol tables, pulling apart URLs, managing internal tables etc. See here for documentation of this.
Timesheet program
(OS/390, source available) This program is a 'C' program for tracking time used on a variety of projects and reporting it under a collection of different regimes. It's not fancy, but it provides facilities for reporting time usage in several regimes at once. The 'C' source is available for download.
For more details on this program, or to down load it and its related files, click here.
Compare utility
(OS/390,Windows-32, source for PL/1 version available) How often does one arrive in an environment lacking even the most basic tools? Here is a text comparison utility which works on DOS and OS/2 written in 'C'. This program should certainly work on OS/390 as well, although most sites have COMPAREX, which has an equivalent text compare function.
The compare utility identifies blocks of changed text and presents both, rather than presenting the changes on a line by line basis.
To download these versions of this tool, click here.
OS/390 Documentation tool
(OS/390, source provided) The package here is made up of two pieces - a scripting package obtainable on the Share/Guide tape (and the one here is a copy), plus a set of macros layered over the top suitable for producing formatted documents in environments where SCRIPT/GML isn't available. There is also a document describing the macros used. The output produced by this mechanism provides no proportional fonts, but otherwise is useful for the automatic production of documentation from programs etc.
This package is 1.3MB in size. You will need to transfer it to an IBM MVS system to make use of it, and you'll need to compile it all as well. Click here to download.