Generalised Tables Editor for z/OS and OS/390 VSAM/ISPF tables

Have you ever want to combine the easily modified interface of an ISPF system with the reliability of a VSAM storage mechanism? To provide ways of file tailoring JCL and other material based on portions of VSAM files, without sacrificing the ease of development of ISPF panels and REXXes?

The product GTE - Generalised Tables Editor - can help you do all this. It is a sophisticated table editor framework which runs within ISPF and allows the user to construct simple to complex applications within its framework. It provides full multi-user, multi-session access to collections of VSAM datasets via ISPF in-core tables. Data is saved on every interaction, and an ENQ mechanism assures integrity of the underlying VSAM datasets. Multiple tables can be managed at once, which means that ISPF file tailoring has access to each of the tables which skeletons may need to search. Table data can be imported, exported or added from batch, allowing easy migration and integration into other systems.

The versatility of the product is astonishing. It has been used to maintain work stacks, problem databases, as a source management system, DVD and video collections, lists of people, training and callout instructions, testing data and testing systems. Some of these applications are available here as samples. Because it uses standard ISPF facilities it is easy to add active line commands tailored to your particular needs and requirements. It can be used within any TSO/ISPF shop without special priviliges or operating system issues, and can allow a table based system, even one holding tens of thousands of records, to be available and usable in a couple of hours.

A user manual is in preparation...[more]

Applications implemented as table applications on this framework:

Application Quick description
Work Stack manager Group 'to do' list manager - with facilities for prioritising, ranking, and sorting work; plus status reporting
Videos and DVDs catalog Demonstration application
Source management system Application for tracking source in projects