Bulletins from the Brink

Every day during April 2020, while I was starting to come out of Covid-19 I published a bulletin on Facebook.
If people left a comment or a picture, I incorporated that into the next's day's bulletin.
During Holy Week the bulletins were limited to 14 words, and during the Triduum to seven.


#1 - April 1st 2020

Out of the fevered darkness, God said:
Imogen, child, we're thinking
of pulling the plug on this earth experiment.
We've learnt a lot but we think it's broken.
But just before we do, with our cosmic fingers
hovering over the switch,
any last suggestions, as to why we shouldn't?


#2 - April 2nd 2020

Imogen: Hi, God. I've got some bits for you.
First is, love, actually. Both ways round. We're uniquely loveable - your doing - why would you want to waste that?
Others are resigned, jocular - reboot us, let us turn off our own switch, bring it on, whatever.
Then we've got New Zealand, your least-failed experiment. Just chuck the bricks in the middle and build Aotearoa.
Anything compelling?

God says: Well, Imogen, one mark for trying.
Taken in order:
Love and uniqueness, yes, we'll reuse those two, but we're thinking common sense and clearsight are on balance better.
Love is enchanting, but have you noticed pollution?
Not to mention patriarchy - can't get rid of it.
Sense of humour - we'll keep that. It might be the starting point. Survival of the drollest.
Aotearoa as blueprint - yes, like that, but didn't you notice, it's a Kiwi who shouted: get on and do it!
Better luck tomorrow.