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God is love, and those who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.” [1 John 4.16]

There is nothing of our lives which is outside of God’s love and care for us. At St Saviour's we celebrate and support all committed faithful relationships, believing that when two people commit themselves to each other in love, God blesses them and God’s love is shared between them.

Regrettably at the present time we are not legally able to offer marriage in church for same-sex couples, but we believe the Church of England should (and in time will) change its pastoral practice. In the meantime it is possible for any couple to have prayers following a Civil Partnership or Civil Marriage. The clergy at St Saviour’s will be happy to discuss special services of prayer and thanksgiving with you. In the first instance, please contact the Vicar: Fr Richard.

In response to the recent statement on Civil Partnerships made by the House of Bishops of the Church of England in January 2020, the PCC passed the following resolution:

“The Parochial Church Council of St Saviour’s, St Albans recognises the right of all couples to be affirmed and supported in whatever form of committed relationship they choose; whether they are gay or straight, civilly partnered or married. We do not believe the Church has the right to dictate divine judgement over their choice, and furthermore we believe they deserve the full support, inclusion and blessing of the Church as an expression and sacrament of the unconditional love of God.”

Our current Table of Fees is available here.

Please note, however, that there are legal requirements for all couples who may wish to marry at St Saviour’s (or in any other Church of England Parish Church):

  • at least one of the couple must reside in the parish
  • OR if neither reside in the parish then at least one of the couple must be on the Church Electoral Roll [NB: this is different from the Register of Electors. To qualify for membership of the Church Electoral Roll you must attend worship regularly (at least once a month) for a minimum of six months.]
  • OR when there is a proven link between the couple and the parish
  • When one or both of those being married reside in another parish, they must arrange for their Banns to be read in their parish of residence before the marriage can legally take place.

Service of Blessing after a Civil Marriage

The Service of Blessing after a Civil Marriage may be used in a variety of ways. Some couples choose to be married at a Register Office, and then come to church later the same day, or on the next day. Others may have their marriage overseas, and then return for a church blessing a few weeks later. In some cases the service is used to mark anniversaries, or as a way of renewing marriage vows. Because there are no civil legalities to be observed in the Blessing Service, there is a greater degree of flexibility, so services can be tailored to the couple’s particular needs and preferences.

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