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The Bernards Heath area of the city of St Albans was originally in the Parish of Sandridge, which had been given to the Abbey of St Albans by King Offa in the 8th century. In the late 1870s small dwellings sprang up on Sandridge Road, overlooking the Heath, near the brickyards. Known as 'Snob’s Island'!, it was cut off from the rest of the city by mud wastes. In 1882 the Vicar of Sandridge acquired a plot of land in Culver Road, and at the cost of £250 erected a small iron building to serve as a school-church for the area. In 1888 a permanent school building was opened and the ‘little tin trunk’, as it became known, was improved and continued to serve the area as a Mission Church. In 1895 the Diocesan Mission Society assumed responsibility for the area, and plans were made to erect a permanent Mission Church on land gifted by the Earl Spencer on Sandpit Lane. The foundation stone was laid in July 1896 and work began building the chancel. Notably most of the bricks used in the building the church were from the local brickyard.

Work began building the nave in 1901, and the completed church was dedicated by the Bishop of Colchester on All Saints’ Day, 1 November 1902.

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The Story of the Church &
Parish of St Saviour's, St Albans


This is a book written and published in 1910 which covers the early portions of the establishment of St Saviour's, and departure of Fr Harry Burton to New Zealand.


Resignation of Fr Harry Darwin Burton
as Diocesan Missioner


An interesting accurate view of the real reason Fr Harry Burton resigned.


More Such Days - 1910-1952


A conscious continuation of the earlier history covering the period up to 1952. However, it leaves out some interesting details...


Structural Design of
the Church of St Saviour's


Some of the details of the correspondence between the Diocese and the Parish regarding the stability of the building. The Diocese didn't think the building could stand, but they have been proved wrong over the subsequent century...

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